SSBC June 2011 Membership Update


Dear Steelhead Society Members, 

Thank you for your support.

Since our last update the Steelhead Society held its annual AGM.  This year we had presentations from Dr.Craig Orr who spoke on hatcheries and their potential impact on the Thompson River steelhead and Kevin Pellet from the BCCF speaking about projects on Vancouver Island.  Kevin also accepted a cheque from the SSBC for $5000 for the Nimpkish/Davie River fertilization project.  At our AGM we had changes in our executive as well. Story and photos here.

In the six months since our last membership newsletter:

- We assisted the BC Conservation Foundation staff on the Ashlu River with steelhead smolt and fry counts 

- SSBC sent nominations for the annual BC endangered rivers list 

- SSBC now has a seat on the Marine Conservation Caucus.  The MCC is a group of nine conservation organizations, and is an officially recognized stake holder in consultations with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

- SSBC has also regained a seat at the South Coast Sport Fish Advisory Board. 

- The Steelhead Society made a submission during the comment period for the Water Sustainability Act

- SSBC spearheaded an information campaign on the proposed Run of the River project on the Kokish River on Vancouver Island. Letters regarding the proposed project were submitted during the official comment period. This project in its current form dewaters critical habitat and if allowed to go through would have severe negative impacts on the Kokish summer run of steelhead.  Shortly after the submission, the SSBC was asked to partake in another review of the project.  More information about the email campaign and explanation of this project here.

 - SSBC has created the Squamish River Trust Fund.  Pacific Angler and Silverside Fishing have volunteered to participate in this initiative. Money raised from each day of guided steelhead fishing on the Squamish River System will be held in a separate Trust account.  The money will then be leveraged with other groups on habitat conservation projects on the Squamish River system.  We are very excited about the potential of this project and hope other commercial guide operations sign up and contribute as well. 

- On April 22, a garbage clean up day was organized for the Squamish River watershed. One of our directors initiated this and a number of directors and members along with a great many other people participated in this event. Approximately two tonnes of garbage was removed from the watershed area including couches, automotive parts, and a burned out motorcycle. Story and photos here.


 - The Steelhead Society donated $500 to the Osprey News Publication.  The Osprey (Federation of Fly Fishers) has and continues to report news and fight for wild steelhead throughout the Pacific Northwest.  

- The Steelhead Society would like to thank Michael and Young Fly Shop for their support during their annual Spey Clave.  Through a very impressive raffle draw M&Y was able to raise over $2500 for the Steelhead Society.  Thank you to all who purchased raffle tickets and also to the people who donated merchandise. Story and photos here.


The SSBC Northern Branch has been active too. Recently, the Branch held a storefront fundraiser and bar-b-que on Main Street in downtown Smithers in conjunction with a local membership drive. All food was donated by local businesses and was offered by donation to one and all. Funds raised were directed towards the Branch’s Telkwa Pond initiative. More info here

On the subject of the Telkwa pond project, on May 29th, the Northern Branch recently undertook further rehabilitation of the ponds by removing an old fish counting fence that blocked fish passage along with site clean up. More here

The SSBC is undergoing changes to its membership structure and process.Greg Gordon has replaced outgoing Membership Director Spencer Rolls. The SSBC wishes to thank Spencer for his effort in the membership portfolio. The SSBC is proceeding towards the migration of membership information to a new on-line management system established by Director Nicole Goodman. It’s anticipated that the new on-line system will streamline the membership process and provide for improved membership communication.

As the 2011 winter steelhead season ends, all through the Province we saw very encouraging run returns.  With any luck and more dedicated hard work from the volunteers that make up SSBC, this trend will continue into the future.

Thank you again for your support of wild fish and wild rivers.

Brian Braidwood, President SSBC

Ralf Kroning, Vice President SSBC