Spius Creek Fish Habitat Restoration Project



A proposed project to undertake 3 fish habitat restoration sites on Spius Creek was outlined in 2011,
at the request of the Steelhead Society of BC. The project location was recommended by DFO as a
strong candidate site providing potential benefits to spawning and rearing Steelhead and other
salmonids. The project was also recommended by FRISP as a strong local candidate based on their
experience with other nearby fish habitat restoration projects undertaken in the area. A project design
was completed for the Steelhead Society following an onsite review and consultation with the
landowner who was very interested in undertaking the project in cooperation with the Steelhead
Society. The project design was submitted to Steelhead Society of BC for funding consideration.
Funding approval was provided in January, 2012 after a successful fundraising campaign.


The equipment and materials necessary to undertake the project were organized in February, 2012.
The project was permitted and onsite construction activity was undertaken in late February-early
March, 2012. In the original 2011 project design, three restoration sites were listed as part of the
project, including two adjacent high priority streambank sites and a third site with the potential to
upgrade off-channel habitat values that was located nearby.

The following summary describes the work that was undertaken and the as-built products that have
resulted. An extensive photo series is also included to provide construction detail for future


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