Summer 2015 Newsletter

Hello SSBC Family and Supporters - we hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

It has already been six months since our last newsletter, and we have been busy at the Steelhead Society. Please click below to download our Summer 2015 Newsletter.

Postponed Shovelday at Shovelnose creek Postponed

 Please note: The volunteer day originally schedualed for May 9 has been postponed until further notice. 


 Three of us (D.Harper, M.Joyce, R.Kroning) went up to the site, on Wednesday April 29, to dig some test wells and to map them out to get a better understanding of where the ground water lies and of local soil and water conditions etc in preparation of the May 9 volunteer day. You could say we came away disappointed, but really I think now is the time to find poor conditions for the proposed project, rather than down the road after much energy and money have been spent. We didn't find what we were looking for; and we did look and dig several holes. Its clear that what originally was thought to be a dry stream bed that did have wetted areas (indicating near surface groundwater) was in all likelihood something very much different with no near surface groundwater present. This would mean any water diverted through the subject area would soak up the water right away and would require a far greater than anticipated amount of water diversion. That is not what we were looking for. We did find surface water, near the extreme upper end of the proposed site, but at a volume that would be far to little to provide any sort of functioning steelhead or other fish habitat. In fact, in all likelihood any additional water addition to this small flow would probably result in scouring action that would result in the lowering of the existing stream bed and cause this tiny "streamlet" to dry up. In response to these findings, we have made the decision to postpone the volunteer "shovel day at shovel nose event" until we decide on the next course of action. We will keep everyone apprised of developments and would like to thank everyone who has shown an interest and support of this project. Thanks. R. Kroning.





Shovelnose creek habitat project 2015.

 Squamish river watershed

-When: Postponed


-What: We will be installing several water gauges that need to be dug into the ground to the depth of ground water. Basically a 3" diameter pipe vertically installed to a depth of 4-5 feet.

It will be a day of walking and digging. Rain or shine. Wear comfortable work clothes and be prepared to dig. Have proper footwear on as we will be walking up the mountainside up to one km in the bush off road and beaten path. Bring rain gear, gloves and water to drink, and whatever you think you will need to get you through a day of digging a few holes. Note: the work site is off the beaten path. There are no washroom facilities.

We will be supplying all the tools needed such as shovels, picks, pry bars pulaskis etc.Firstaid kit. Release forms. Drinking water. What we are hoping is to organise people into small teams and each group will install 1-3 of these gauges.

-Where: Muster probably around 8:30 at the Ashlu Bridge campground.This may change, the date, Sat, May 9 however, is firm. We will organize into work teams, and each team will be assigned 1-3 wells to install. We will show what it is, why and how and also provide proper instruction and direction. After a site safety discussion we'll head up to the site at the Upper Shovelnose creek area, where the well sites will be flagged out. At the end of the day we will debrief and...details to follow 

It's important for us to know how many people will be coming out as we do have to get close to two dozen of these water monitoring wells installed. They will be used to collect water data over the next year or so, and based on that data will allow us to make the next series of decisions regarding the direction of this project. This is the first step in data collection and so is a great opportunity for people to see what is involved and goes on when SSBC undertakes these habitat projects.

Shovelnose Creek Habitat Project 2015

January 2015 Newsletter

Season's Greetings and all the best of the new year to you!


It has already been half a year since our last June 2014 update and it has been a busy six months for the Steelhead Society. Find our January newsletter below.

Nicola River 1.0 Bank Stabilization Project 2015: Habitat restoration project #4, Nicola River 2.0 ,#5 completed

 Nicola 1.0 and Nicola 2.0 are completed

Another Successful Fundraiser: 2014 Nicola fundraiser thankyou

 December 23, 2014                                                                                                    


  The Steelhead Society of BC wishes to acknowledge all of the people who came together to make the 2014 Nicola Fund raiser such a great event. Success was measured in the amount of dollars raised (best turnout and the most dollars brought in with over $20K through the door) and also in terms of everyone having fun. No doubt about it, this event was a good time and a runaway financial success. True to form and something we are very proud of, our overhead remained at an all time low of around $200.Yes you read that correctly.

Steelheaders of every stripe were in attendance, including several founding members of the SSBC.  These men are great mentors to some of the younger steelheaders in attendance who are just old enough to meet the age requirement of a licensed premise.  To put this into some sort of context, the years spanned some eight or nine decades. Many hardcore steelheaders are women, and knowing that this event is as much a social evening as much as a fundraiser, many came out to show their support too. Thanks to everyone who made this fundraiser such a success, from attendees including our American friends who submitted proxy bids, to those who donated items and trips etc, to those steadfast SSBC volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this event happen. 

This is such a good example of concerned people coming together, putting their personal differences and politics aside, to work together to make something that does have a positive measurable impact take place. While it may seem to be a small step in the scheme of things overall, it's a positive step in the right direction. After all, the combined, overall impact of this continuing series of SSBC habitat projects are adding up.

Here is a list of donations and who they were donated by ( something about a computer crashing may of rendered this list incomplete and we apologise for any errors or omissions)

- One day guided Vancouver Island Steelhead trip - Great West River Charters
- A hard bound, slip cased, "30 Seasons on the Dean", with fly tipped into a card mounted on the marbled front  end papers, signed by Art Lingren and noting that this is copy 2 of 2 - Art Lingren
- First edition (1941) copy of Haig-brown's Return To the River. - Art Lingren
- Anthony Robertson's Above tide:Reflections on Roderick Haig-Brown in paperback. - Art Lingren
- Farlows Lee Wulff bamboo fly rod for a 7 line. -Totems Flyfishers
- Fenwick 7 weight graphite.- Art Lingren 
-Tight Lines film print - Kirk Gilchrist
- McDonald #6 anodized fly reel - Kelly Davison
- Islander Steelheader (green) - Islander reels
- Simms Headwaters sling pack kindly donated by Nick and Savas Troutwaters Fly and Tackle
- Premium fly tying materials - Ben Gehrke
- A fine hand made Moby Net from Moby Nets ( Don Chatwin and family)
-The modern Classic Abel Spey Reel donated by Poppy Cummins 
- 4 X1.5lb live lobsters- Steve Hansen
- Chromer Sportfishing Sweatshirts-Yos Gladstone
- John Milner 4 3/8 bushing center pin reel- John Milner
- Guided Cutty trip - Kelly Davison
- Norm MacDonald Fly reel- Kelly Davison
- Meiser Spey Rod- Bob Meiser 
- 4-1/4” Saracione Spey Reel- Joe Saracione 
- 1 night stay for two at the Baits Motel- John and Laurie Kingston
- Mooching rod and Reel-Pacific Net and Twine
- Gift Certificate Inlet Seafoods- Malcom McMillan 
- Maui Jim Sunglasses- Lynn Reeve 
- Simms Headwaters Reel Case- Dave Steele/Highwater Tackle
- Bare Rain Jacket- Dave Steele/Highwater Tackle
- Day guided Fishing on the Bow River- Paula Shearer
- 4 hour Long Belly Casting instruction for up to 6 ppl - Tyler Kushnir and Brian Styskal
- Humminbird 346 DI - Donald Stokes
- St. Croix 11ft casting rod – Donald Stokes 
- Eureka -18'C base camp sleeping bag - Donald Stokes
- Redington Sonic pro zipper waders - Scott Baker McGarva
- Four person fly tying course - Scott Norris
- Guided saltwater salmon charter - Jason Tonelli -Pacific Angler
- 4” raised pillar plate wind check reel - Farlex reels Tim Gelinas
- Casting spinners, spoons, and holey worms – Trophy Tackle Michal Thomas
- 2 Bent Rods tackle packs- Rod Toth
- Thompson Dream Prints – Dave Currie
- Sage 8116-4 Switch Rod - Chris Anderson
- Two 6 hour Guided fishing trips from Tight Lines River Guiding 
- Simms Windstopper Jackets- Michael and Young Flyshop
- Simms taco bag- Michael and Young Flyshop
- 7134-4c Burkheimer Rod- K Burkheimer 
- Three- Dec Hogan Steelhead Flies- Dec Hogan 
- Twenty Five Fred Badjura Floats- Pat Glover
- Rapala Interface Jacket- Bill Gower Agencies
- Custom Marabou Jigs- Cody Sojka
Sheridan trip donated by Sheridan Lake Resort and  guiding by Doug Porter
- Trophy XL centerpin rod- Redl Sports
- 8 Hour Sturgeon or Salmon Fraser River Trip- Brian Mckinlay Silverside Fishing
- 2 Hour Spey Casting lesson- Tim Arsenaut

-12  moosehair wakers,  "The Closer"  R.Kroning