Bonaparte River Fundraiser


SSBC is planning a habitat restoration project on the Bonaparte River which is an important steelhead spawning tributary to the Thompson River. Steelhead/Rainbow utilize the reach and instream complexing has been an objective for a while, but funding to undertake such works has not been available. The concept is that streambanks have been stabilized sufficiently from a previously degraded condition over the past 8 years as a result of successful streambank stabilization projects so that incorporation of some instream works using rock weirs and secured wood complexing along with riparian plantings are now feasible and would offer benefit to steelhead by improving local pool/riffle features. The landowners are very cooperative and have been really good partners on previous streambank projects. The rough cost for the project appears to be in the neighbourhood of $35-40 K, depending on the exact rock volumes.

SSBC is taking specific action that will have measurable positive effects on Thompson River Steelhead populations.

Its up to concerned anglers to lead the way showing that we won't sit idle. With your help we will make this project a success. 

In the memory of Harry Lemire and Roger Reid, long time Thompson River advocates and anglers.


If you can't make it out to the Pub night, here is another way you can contribute: