Shovelnose Creek Side Channel and Berm Repair Project

This is a request for funding to perform the necessary berm repairs to keep the Squamish mainstem out of the Shovelnose Creek spawning complex. 

Shovelnose Creek is a tributary to the Squamish River, located at approximately mile 30 on the Squamish Valley Road. In late September 2015, heightened precipitation, in an area with dry, less-permeable surfaces combined to create a massive debris torrent on Turbid Creek (aka Mud creek) that washed out the culvert and Squamish Forest Service Road, introduced huge quantities of sediment into the Squamish River and temporarily blocked and backwatered the Squamish River. 

More details including the proposed plan and budget are included in the PDF below.


Shovelnose Creek Off-Channel Complex Berm Repair B.pdf1.86 MB