Fraser River Gravel Mining Cancelled

In February 2010, filmmaker Damien Gillis captured the gravel mining operations on the Fraser River with a team of expert biologists and local conservationists. *Now, at the 11th hour, this year's planned mining projects have been unexpectedly cancelled. The rationale given by DFO is logistical complications and low market prices for gravel, only confirming critics' position that this program is not about reducing flood risks - and all about money. Watch this video to see what these huge mining operations really look like - and why this ecologically destructive program should be permanently scrapped.

Fraser River Gravel Mining: Misdirected Government Priorities & Ongoing Environmental Degradation
by Otto Langer

"One can only draw the conclusion that in the Lower Fraser we can only afford to allow gravel mining for the alleged purposes of flood control when the economy needs and is ready to buy the gravel at an acceptable price. Fortunately, we do not run other public safety programs in the same manner. Imagine if a slide was to occur in the Fraser Valley and the removal of the debris was not addressed until partnerships were in place to mine and sell it!"

BC Hydro Driving Rates Higher

In case you missed it earlier this week, do check out this important short report by economist Erik Andersen, which explains in black and white why your power bills are about to go through the roof...and why we absolutely don't need any more private power!

Rafe & Damien in Port Alberni & Tofino this Saturday

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