February, 2004 Coquitlam River Mudslide - The Coquitlam Now Newspaper

Coquitlam River Mudslide - The Coquitlam Now Newspaper
Poul Bech

Thank you for your coverage of the January 19th mud slide near the Coquitlam River.

I went up and looked at the slide area on Saturday morning. What a mess! The Coquitlam River remained muddy downstream of the gravel pits.

Community groups and individuals, notably the Port Coquitlam and District Hunting and Fishing Club, have been fighting to protect the Coquitlam River from gravel mining impacts since at least the 1960's. It’s amazing that small populations of wild steelhead and salmon still cling to survival after decades of abuse. And yet the gravel companies seem willing to do little more than the minimum required by regulation.

It’s time for the gravel companies to step up to the plate and take some real responsibility for the river that flows through their gravel pits and our community.

Yours truly,

Poul Bech
Steelhead Society of B.C.