Emerging Challenges for BC’s Interlinked Water and Energy Resources

British Columbia ’s interconnected water and water-derived energy resources are vital
assets that show signs of being under increased stress across the province. Population growth,
climate change, and increased industrial activities are together pushing the limits of secured access
to water and energy resources across the province. In the face of these mounting pressures,
the challenge of ensuring access to water and energy resources for future generations requires addressing
how decisions regarding one resource may impact another. Integrating decision-making
around the management of BC’s interlinked water and energy resources is critical and will have
implications for their sustainable use, now and into the future.

Some of the noteworthy challenges emerging in BC include:
      • Sharp projected increases in the natural gas industry’s demand for water and energy resources
           — demand that will result in permanent removal of water from the hydrological cycle as well as undermine the province’s clean energy and climate change objectives....


Report From:

Parfitt, Ben with Baltutis, Jesse, and Brandes, Oliver M. "From Stream to Stream:  Emerging Challenges for BC’s Interlinked Water and Energy Resources" http://www.policyalternatives.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/publications/BC%20Office/2012/11/CCPA-BC_POLIS_Stream-to-Steam.pdf Accessed March 10, 2013


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