Art Lingren's Thirty Seasons on the Dean River, 1983 - 2013

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Purchase a pdf version of Thirty seasons on the Dean River. This 43 page file shares decades of steelheading knowledge complete with pictures and Mr Lingren's own statistics. 
This digital version is distributed by the Steelhead Society of British Columbia. Each copy is numbered with the name of the purchaser and the author encourages the purchaser to direct friends and angling acquaintances to the SSBC so they can support wild steelhead by purchasing their own copy. Please note that the pdf will be emailed to the purchaser manually, so electronic delivery of the pdf may take a few days. The pdf is roughly 5.3Mb.

Review from Bob Hooton:
Art, having read your wonderful Dean reflections I just have to pass on a quick note of thanks. I’m a huge fan of those who have dedicated so much time, not just to fishing, but to sharing their lifelong experiences and knowledge with those that follow. Too often the people whom I consider to be walking history books pass on, taking with them so much of what the rest of the world should know. Your down to earth, no bs presentation is invaluable. It will endure. Well done!



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